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On 09/27/2012 02:47 PM in NFL

good look

Stanford vs. Washington, 09/27/2012 21:00
Washington +6½/-110

Cleveland vs. Baltimore, 09/27/2012 20:20
Baltimore -12/-110

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09/27/2012 02:47 PM

WASHINGTON +7 and ML +220 MAX UNIT PLAY (15 units each)

This line is serious value here. Getting Washington at home with a TD. This place will be rocking Thursday night and Wash is a "True Live Home Dog" here. Stanford starts the season 3-0 with an easy 3 game home start. Beating up on Duke and SJST. Not too admirable. I will say their win vs USC was admirable, then again the expectations for USC are super high this year and thus far they have not lived up to that hype at all. Stanford is going to have their hands full with this team, and with it being the first game on the road in a hostile environment on Nat. TV. My money is on the Huskies to show some poison and win this fucker SU.

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    I decided after a couple days of blowing off steam that I still cap games well and the call made on that game for MNF was out of my control. Its not that I lost the bet because that happens all the time. It's how I lost that was so upsetting. But the real Refs will be back soon, and I gotta keep my craft fresh so I am not going anywhere here. And I am glad the league is getting this deal done, It shouldn't have taken these greedy Billionaires this long in the first place to negotiate what is practically pennies to them to the officials that really need to be in these types of games. Goes to show you how hard their job really is. Because the whole league was about to shut down over this fiasco. The deal will be done by the end of this week, thank the heavens.

    Onto Tonight:

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09/27/2012 02:51 PM


The Ravens defense gave up a total of 6 scores to NE on Sunday night at home, 3 FG's and 3 TD's. Not the type of defense they are used to putting up. They would like another chance here to shut down one of the worst teams in the league for offensive efficiency. On average the Browns have scored 19 points over the past 3 games and have given up a total of 25 points. Average. So even if they manage 19 which I dont think even comes close here at Baltimore. You still have a Ravens offense that averages 33 points per game. Thats still a 14 point difference if both teams play their averages. Now with that said, the Ravens are home, just gave up a season high so far of 30??? I say thats capped right their. The Browns will struggle to move the ball here. And I dont see any reason why the Ravens wont cont to move the ball as they have been. Mix those two together and you have a BLOW OUT. And thats exactly what I have my money on here.



GL tonight guys. You can find tonights NCAAF play HERE

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09/27/2012 05:12 PM

agree bigtime..i won the bet..but should bot have, then the raiders shooda beat new eng yrs ago to except for tuck terrible call ..bad way to lose a play for sure....all the stats point to stanford tonight..i too think wash will be tuff at home, but i am still going to put a small play on stanford-6.5 now und 7 ill play it gl i like the over here 151

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