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Hi from Manchester

Hello everyone, I just joined here and i'm having a look around and thought i had better explain a little about myself. I live in Manchester, i have lots of hobbies RC, numismate, art i love paintball, football, clubbing, luxious car, moto and I'm addicted to money I always want more. I am interested in casino, poker, sports bet etc ... everything that gives me more money!

$$ Noemi $$

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09/26/2012 01:55 PM

Hi noemi welcome aboard...FYI please no URL links in your posts...feel free to post some plays or comment on any of the threads....also check out the picks monitor and contests that we have going...

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09/26/2012 02:16 PM

ok but if I do not put links how people can discover it a new website ?

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    You learn to do SEO and drive your own traffic rather than use someone elses traffic for your benefit.

    Welcome aboard

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09/26/2012 02:34 PM

Sorry - you can put information in your profile page, but no links in posts.....

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09/26/2012 02:35 PM

We do not promote nor condone outside advertising or website sources which link to other books or services. We are all here to help each other and you can test or deposit at any of the 10 sportsbooks linked to the right hand side. Welcome aboard!

For the latest sports news, capper picks and tracker results, turn to JTG, the leader in BTB information

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09/26/2012 03:35 PM

Chelsea fan living in the home of the PL champs (City) and the most successful club in English football? (United)

Very fishy.