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On 09/26/2012 01:09 PM in MLB

wednesday bases

FIRST HALF RECORD (162-155)(+10.53)
SECOND HALF RECORD (59-54)(-3.20)¬
SEASON RECORD (221-209)(+7.33)

Took yesterday off. Getting real hard trying to figure out who to take with a week left in the season. All plays just one unit.

Phillies -134 vs Washington………….Phils pretty much of out if now and playing just for pride. Phils have more to play for and have pitching advantage tonight. Plus this game is on TV and I am bored and the phils are my team.

These next ones, just throwing out some dogs. It is hard to get murdered to bad taking dogs.

Oakland +127 vs Texas
Miami +135 vs Atlanta
Kansas City +145 vs Detroit
Boston +120 vs Tampa Bay

Probably should not be betting today. Good Luck Everybody!!

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09/26/2012 01:34 PM

Good Luck Mark....agree it's getting real tough down the stretch're doing it right just mixing in some dogs - I took 4 last night and split 2-2 (could have been a monster night if not for the Braves walk-off - had Miami +240...)..really need Tampa to start losing as I have their season total under 87 wins....I did hedge at the all-star break and have over 83.5 wins on the books too so would absolutely love to middle that bad boy....

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09/26/2012 02:41 PM

GL today Mark !