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On 09/26/2012 12:56 PM in NFL

Just Curious What Type of NFL Pools Are You Guys In?

Interested in what type of pools you guys are in
I'm in 3 Pools
1) Eliminator Pool- It's Already over 1/2 had the Pats last week & this week except for 1 guy (who had the Bears) the rest of us had either the 49ers or Saints...F-In Saints!!
2) The 35 Point Club.. I have Arizona..
3) NFL Pick6 Confidence Pool... $50 a week 34 people in it pick6 games against the spreads from the local paper on Thursday $1700 to has the high point of the week..if there is a tie split up the $

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09/26/2012 01:28 PM

Whats a 35 Point club? Never heard of that type..

I am in
1. Eliminator/Last Man Standing. Started with close to 500 guys down to 70! I have two entries and both are left...
2. Touchdown Derby.. Basically you make a team based off last years #s have to stay under a certain amount of tds. Prizes are every 4 weeks and overall.
3. Hilton Contest

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  • 09/26/2012 02:18 PM

    35 point club is get 32 people draw for every NFL team $100 a's a Progressive Pool It equals out to each week there is $180 for each week
    So if 1 or more teams final score is 35 points you win the money. split on how many teams score 35 points
    if no team scores 35 points in week 1.. then week 2 there is $360 to win.. Each week it goes up $180 until a team or teams score 35 points..then the next week it starts back down at $180

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09/26/2012 01:30 PM

I've never heard of a 35 point club either....?

I'm in 2 fantasy leagues and other than that it's just all of the contests between BTB, Spooky and the free one's at DSI...can't keep up with anything else....

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09/26/2012 01:52 PM

Other than the ones here at BTB, I am in a couple of survivor pools and a Sunday night box carryover.

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09/26/2012 02:36 PM

Oh I do Fantasy Football to..
2 Money Leagues & do the weekly 1's on Draftstreet,Fanduel,& Draftkings

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09/26/2012 02:43 PM

A couple of survivor pools , and a year long Pick Em contest for the NFL (every game picked weekly straight up - winner take all) and a Pick 6 NFL/NCAA ATS weekly along with a couple fantasy leagues !

That 35 Pt contest sounds like a great one to be in on

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09/26/2012 07:35 PM

Yea the 35pt contest is definitely something to remember..

I have done a couple fanduel weekend contests this year, and have 3 fantasy teams this year as well

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bobalou Posts:5404 Followers:148
09/26/2012 07:49 PM

I'm with the majority here... the Usual survivor types, BTB/Spooky's and DSI contest - and two fantasy leagues. But I must admit that 35 pt contest sounds like a lot of fun!

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