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Home dogs have done especially well with a SU winning percentage 63.2 percent and a 68.4 winning percentage ATS so far this year, I personally think some of this is correlated to the Replacement Refs being scared of crowd reaction etc..

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09/26/2012 11:18 AM

Absolutely agree - there is no doubt that these guys are star-struck and worried about fan and player reactions....We have seen guys like Brady yell at one of the refs and then the flag comes out....I assume most of us have heard the talk that lines are going to start being adjusted more in favor of the home teams by 1/2 to 1 point if things aren't resolved....

Seems like they are having the hardest time developing consistency on the pass interference calls and they are soooo impactful to the outcome of these games......from a fan standpoint I certainly want the old refs back but from a business and philosophical standpoint I can see the owners viewpoints as well....

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