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On 09/24/2012 11:15 AM in MLB

monday bases

FIRST HALF RECORD (162-155)(+10.53)
SECOND HALF RECORD (58-52)(-2.25)¬
SEASON RECORD (220-207)(+8.28)

2-1 picking up 1.52 units on Sunday. Little depresses as I think my Phillies are pretty much out of it now. There was some hope heading into the weekend, but not now. Here are Monday’s Moneymakers.

Parlay risking 1.00 units to win 1.05 units
St Louis vs Houston
White Sox vs Cleveland

Milwaukee +110 vs Cincinnati (one unit)………..I will keep taking the team who needs it more vs the team who clinched already, especially as a doggie.

Pittsburgh +100 vs NY Mets (one unit)…………If the Pirates have any pride left, even though they are out of the playoff race, they still have a shot at a winning record….something they have not had in a long, long time.

That is all. Short card today and not much to choose from. Good Luck Everybody!!