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On 09/23/2012 12:27 PM in NFL

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ok...wasnt liking atlanta today when i posted my thoughts earlier this week, trips out west dont usually favor teams for some reason....but i really like what atlanta has been doing on defense, and matt ryan is taking care of the ball this yr so far....i thnk they get a few to's today, and matt has a good day throwing the ball...taking atl +3 2 stars....maybe outright win here....23-17.......also 1 small play here over 44 houston/denver game 1 star [play......i like houstons defense so far, but i think at home denver gets 20, but i think houst gets at least 27 here today.....i already got houston as a play, so grabbing the over 44 here small play....27-20 houston today gl all 151rum

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