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On 09/20/2012 01:17 PM in NFL

nfl week three

One unit (6-3)(+2.60)
Two unit (3-1)(+3.80)
Three unit (1-3)(-7.50)

OVERALL SEASON (10-7)(-1.10)

Believe it or not, that is a solid start for me in the nfl. I have become to be known as a bit of a fade in pro football. Maybe this year I will turn it around.

Carolina -3 (+100) vs NY Giants (three units)…………….Going to start the week of with a top play. For starters I am not impressed and never have been with the NY Giants. Not sure how they won the Super bowls they have. It is not always the best team, but who is the hottest at the time of wins. Giant’s defense has not looked as strong as last years, not even close. I do not see them stopping Cam Newton’s offense tonight. Manning does not have all his weapons as well and will be hard pressed to keep pace, but they will find ways to score. I thought about buying this down to 2.5, but do not really think that will come into play. I think we see shoot out with most of the scoring coming from the Panthers. I really like this game.

Over 49 NY Giants/Carolina (one unit)…………..I would have made this a three unit play as well, but because I really suck at totals I will not do that. If I had to pick a score it would be Carolina 37-23.

Good Luck Everybody!! (Already posted Thursday night game is separate thread as well)


Pittsburgh -4 vs Oakland (three units)………………Let me start by saying I hate the Steelers as much as anybody can hate a team, BUT…….this is Pittsburgh vs Oakland. Oakland has many problems right now. Let’s face it, Miami dominated them last week. What does that say? Pittsburgh should have their way this week. If I am wrong about this game, I will be way wrong and Oakland will win outright, but I don’t think I am wrong.

San Diego -3 (-120) vs Atlanta (three units)…………………Most people always remember when a team comes off an impressive Monday night win and likes to take them again the following week. Not me. I picked San Diego to be a surprise team this year. Not much talk about them like every year and they never live up to it. This year with not as much pressure I think they maybe play over their heads for a change. Nice 2-0 start to get some confidence going and not they will be up for an Atlanta team who is just not the same team on the road as they are at home. This line should be higher. I see value and will quickly pounce on it.

NY Jets -2½ vs Miami (two units)……....They are great, no they suck, no their great, no they suck………..of course we are talking about the Jets. What team is going to show up vs Miami? Miami has a way of making teams look good, so that will help. Jets maybe a little undervalued at the moment, while Miami has so much to prove with a rookie QB. This one is a no brainer to me. The only reason I am not making it a three unit play is I am a Dolphins fan and part of me hopes I am wrong, but I don’t think I will be.

New Orleans -8½ vs Kansas City (two units)……………Kansas City is worse than I thought they were. At home they can be decent, on the road they suck. I think the Saints take out their frustrations on KC this week. I look for this one to get real ugly, real fast.

The rest of these are (one unit) plays…… explanations.

Washington -3 vs Cincinnati
Arizona +3½ vs Philadelphia
Houston -1½ vs Denver

I do like Baltimore Sunday night, but I am waiting for the line to drop below three. If I need to I will buy it down. I usually guess wrong on the line movements, so I am sure that will backfire.

Good Luck Everybody!!

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09/20/2012 02:51 PM

I gotta agree the Giant's have been a bit of a let down this season.. UNFORTUNATELY... many of what I think are the "better" teams have let me down so far this season.

GL with Carolina tonight this week picks Mark :)

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