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On 09/19/2012 04:52 PM in NCAA Football

ncaa football week four

One unit (7-6)(+0.45)
Two unit (5-5)(+1.10)
Three unit (5-3)(+4.50)
OVERALL SEASON (17-14)(+6.05)

4-5 dropping 0.80 units in week three. Felt much worse than it was. I am ok with it. If you are going to have a losing week, I guess losing less than a unit is pretty good. On to week four.

God help me……….don’t know why I am betting this game. I guess out of extreme boredom.

Buffalo -3 (-120) vs Bowling Green (one unit)………..bought a half point just in case. I think Buffalo is definitely the better team, at least on the offensive side of things. The big question is their defense and how many will they give up. I know they will score their share tonight, I am just hoping they outscore them tonight.

Over 51 Buffalo/Bowling Green (one unit)……………I probably like this more than the game. If I lose the Buffalo side, it will be because Buffalo cannot stop Bowling Green. This one should go over 60.

Probably be back on Thursday with my plays for Saturday. Good Luck Everybody!!

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09/20/2012 03:22 PM

One unit (7-8)(-1.85)
Two unit (5-5)(+1.10)
Three unit (5-3)(+4.50)
OVERALL SEASON (17-16)(+3.75)

0-2 dropping 2.30 units on Wednesday night. Very stupid forcing that bet. I was not even close on side or total. Here are my plays for the rest of week four. No write-ups for these. Just not in the mood.

BYU +6 vs Boise St (one unit)

LA Monroe +7 vs Baylor (two units)

Rutgers +7½ vs Arkansas (three units)
Kansas St +14 vs Oklahoma (three units)
UTEP +17½ vs Wisconsin (two units)
Vanderbilt +16 vs Georgia (two units)
Bowling Green +17½ vs Virginia Tech (one unit)
Maryland +25½ vs West Virginia (one unit)
Virginia +18 vs TCU (one unit)
California +16 vs USC (one unit)
UNLV +10½ vs Air Force (one unit)
Michigan +5 vs Notre Dame (one unit)

A lot of plays, but there are a lot of one unit play, so not as crazy as it looks.

Good Luck Everybody!!