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On 09/17/2012 02:45 PM in NFL

Major Tail alert

dgsports34.wordpress.com thats our site. My Buddy and I work for a sports radio show in Kansas City, its an awesome job really provides an advantage for sportsbetting because we are first to know about injuries and stuff happening in the sports world because thats our job we have to know. We have been verey successful betting the last 5 years and decided its time to help out other people too at the same time for a small profit. We had a great week this last week thanks to all our customers for taking our picks we have gotten a lot of feedback back mostly postive. We send our plays out right now through texts. Were working on getting it where there is a password we give you and that will show you our plays makes it a lot easier then having to text plays. We are charging 19.99 for this week Sept 17-Sept 23. Were not trying to rip anyone off and charge a arm and leg like most these touts do its absurd how much some oof these people charge. So $19.99 for this week and will recieve the follwinf week free no charge, and if we dont end up profit by the end of the week we will refund your money back no worries. If we dont win we dont deserve your money we dont get why some touts lose and then never refund the money we think thats crazy if you dont do well you dont dereve any money. I hope everyone is having a good day and if you have any questions you can text us at 913-608-9138 or email us at dgsports34@gmail.com we will have a monday football play tonight and a baseball play. Serously any question you have no matter what it is your welcome to sneed it our way and if you want a longer deal then a week we can work it out were here to help other make money and make a small profit on our end by doing so. Every play we give you we will also be betting our own money on too.