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On 09/16/2012 10:18 AM in NFL

nfl week two

One unit (4-1)(+2.90)
Two unit (1-1)(-0.20)
Three unit (0-2)(-6.60)

OVERALL SEASON (5-4)(-3.90)

I guess week one could have been a lot worse since I lost my top two plays. Typically I am not very good in the nfl, so take my plays as you want them. I took a pass on the Thursday night game. I kept going back and forth. Pretty sure I would have taken the bears, so I saved some money. Here are my plays for Sunday.

Miami +2 vs Oakland (three units)………….This might be the most winnable game on Miami’s schedule this year. Take away four minutes of Tannehill’s horrible play at Houston last week and that score was much closer. Tannehill will not duplicate that horrendous streak of bad play at home this week. Miami was one of the better second half teams last year and I don’t think they are anywhere near the horrible team everybody thinks they are. Sort of a must win to point their season in the right direction. It won’t be easy, but I think they get it. Oakland also traveling east on a short week and that is always a problem for anybody in this league.

Washington -3 (-130) vs St Louis (three units)………….bought a half point just in case. RG3 is amazing and it will take the league a while to catch up to him. St Louis will be improved at home this year with a great new coach, but I am going to ride RG3 Mania until there is a reason not to. Just Washington being favored on the road tells me they have a great shot a winning this game and it may even be surprisingly easy.
Pittsburgh -5½vs NY Jets (two units)………….I don’t think they Jets are as good as they looked last week and I don’t think the Steelers are as bad as they looked last week. Even though Pittsburgh is slightly banged up, this is not Buffalo the Jets will be facing this week. I think we are going to see more of the preseason Jets that we saw this year. Pitt by at least seven.

Baltimore +3½ (-140) vs Philadelphia (two units)……….bought a half point on this one. I really love the Eagles team this year. They have the same talent as last year when they were dream team that stunk. Less pressure this year on them, so I think they will be more dangerous. For as many games Vick will win for you, he will lose you some as well. However, I was so impressed with Baltimore last week that I am taking them this week. Eagles have to prove they can win these types of games. More than likely I see Baltimore winning this game, but Philly might pull it out. I think they extra half point I bought may make the difference in this wager.

San Diego -6½ vs Tennessee (one unit)………..San Diego is another team that reminds me of the Eagles. Year after year everybody has been saying this is the Chargers year. I have not really heard that talk this year and just watch and see if they don’t have a great year. If so, they have to win games like this at home and not only win, but prove they are the superior team and win easily. I like their chances.

Jacksonville +7 (-120) vs Houston (one unit)………..bought a half point. As mentioned earlier, Houston was not as impressive vs Miami as people think. Now they go on the road vs a rival laying a touchdown. Too risky, take the points.

Good Luck Everybody!!