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On 09/13/2012 03:18 PM in General

Soliciting On The Site

It was brought to my attention today that some user(s) where PM'ing members for money, if this is reported the offending member will be banned! This is not the site for spamming, soliciting, basking etc...

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09/13/2012 07:40 PM


I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

vegas39 Posts:34 Followers:2
01/28/2013 02:14 PM

I agree with cover it

cassiusclay Posts:22 Followers:0
08/07/2013 04:45 PM

damn, thought this was gonna be a prostitution thread

btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
08/07/2013 08:09 PM

LOL classic, welcome aboard

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12/20/2013 04:32 PM

go get em spooky. eveyone should take a page out of your book

bamajohn Posts:1123 Followers:24
07/09/2014 11:26 PM

Thanks BTB. Exact reason I left another forum. Can we at least ban FInance, I heard he was an auburn fan:)


docnugz Posts:57 Followers:0
09/03/2014 02:30 AM

"solicitation" definitely got my mind in the gutter as well ;)

Seriously though, I wanted to start a new post on the forum to see if there is any interest in forming a pay-to-play private season-long fantasy football league with standard rules and small stakes league dues ($50 or something, winner-take all or split pot).

I joined Fanduel and Draftkings but those contests only seem to be daily/weekly and the large contest sizes require salary cap format. Personally, I love an oldfashioned player draft and investing in and crafting a single team week by week for the entire season. Would such a post to gauge interest be OK or would that be considered solicitation? thx!!