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Bears over Packers (Money Line)

Chicago vs. Green Bay, 09/13/2012 20:20
Chicago +210

Chicago has finally surrounded talented QB Jay Cutler with weapons, not to mention, his best friend in Brandon Marshall. With a loaded up backfield now of Matt Forte and Michael Bush, the Bears should have no trouble moving the football against a defense that has taken steps backwards the past few seasons. Most concerning for me is the fact that Green Bay lacks a solid secondary, and simply give up to many points. Last week, they let Frank Gore and Alex Smith look like sure-fire studs, and there is no way they will be able to control the Bears for the first time in years in this matchup. What to watch for: 1. How the Bears Offensive Line protects Cutler, 2. Brandon Marshall, 3. The Game of Scoring.

I believe that ultimately this game will come down to the 4th quarter, as is custom in rivalry games. However, I believe the Bears are the team to beat this year in the NFC North, and they should be able to slow down the Packers enough with the Cover 2 that allows the Bears offense to win this game. However, if the Bears don\'t take care of the football and keep Aaron Rodgers off the field, the Pack will take this one. Based on the match-ups, emotions, and respective teams though, I believe the Bears will go to Lambeau, and make the Packers fall to 0-2 this season.

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09/12/2012 08:30 PM


Arizona vs. New England, 09/16/2012 13:00
New England -13½/-110

This one should be no contest. I don't like the Cardinals offense, they will have to try to keep up with arguably the best and most dynamic offense in the league. Too much love for NE.

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09/12/2012 08:32 PM


Baltimore vs. Philadelphia, 09/16/2012 13:00
Baltimore +120

Baltimore looked fantastic on Monday Night Football, finally Joe Flacco backed up the comments he made about him being "Elite." On the contrary, the Eagles looked like they were in a funk against a suspect Browns defense, and Michael Vick was hesitant to leave the pocket. I really don't think the Eagles can beat the Ravens this game, the Ravens will take advantage of Vick being too conventional in the pocket, and he should have another 2-3 INT game. Meanwhile, the Eagles D shouldn't be able to contain Baltimore's offense as well as they did against the Browns. Flacco is not Weeden, and Ray Rice is a stud. Not to mention Torrey Smith.

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Welcome aboard, I like both the bears and ravens to win outright. More the ravens then the bears but both will be on my sheet this weekend. Hate going with teams with such a high line like the pats do here however with AZ come west to east, banged up qb and not much offense anyway I like it

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Hey welcome to the forum! glad you found us... I think the Bears have a decent shot at winning and the Ravens a very good shot... good luck!

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I couldn't agree more with both plays as well as New England. Some solid writeups there with excellent justifications on both outcomes. Welcome to BTB and best of luck!

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