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On 09/09/2012 05:04 AM in NFL

NFL Football Week 1 - AB1Sports

Take this:

Packers -4.5
Saints -7.5 (Buy half a point -7)
Saints 1st half -4.5
Texans -13, 1st half -7
Eagles -9, 1st half -6
Patriots -5, 1st half -3
Lions -8, 1st half -4.5

Bet the same amount on all.

I strongly recommend a 2 team parlay. Saints and Packers moneylines that pays almost even money.

I drove to Nevada and put $800 on the Saints/Packer parlay. Click to see what the payout is.

Good luck to everyone.


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09/09/2012 07:35 AM

Good luck! And welcome aboard. NO advertising in the forum. You may put your URL in your profile but that is all

With those odds I would expect the payout to be lower than the original bet?

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