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On 09/06/2012 05:34 PM in NCAA Football

plays for saturday 151

some early plays for saturday...i really like these alot

2 units on miami+7 at k.st revenge time here...k.st does not really impress me alot..miami looked good at bc....and they havent fogot this loss last yr at home to k.st like miami here maybe win outright

e.car+22 vs s.car.... s.car struggled last week in my opinion...and e.car always plays them well 1-0 last 3 seasons str up 4-2 ats since 92....alot of points here line should go down 2 units..

also ...virginia -9 over penn st..line opened at 7 been getting hammered and will probably hit about 11 by saturday..i grabbed them at 9 ..penn st will struggle all yr i think...virginia played well last week putting up 49 pts i think and won like they should have while penn st lost at home to a decent ohio team... 3 units here gl all 151

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