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On 09/02/2012 02:37 PM in NCAA Football

finishing up week number one of college football

One unit (5-2)(+2.85)
Two unit (0-3)(-4.50)
Three unit (2-1)(+2.40)
OVERALL SEASON (7-6)(+0.75)

4-3 picking up 0.20 units on Saturday. Not a great start, but it is better than a losing start.

Kentucky +14 vs Louisville (two units)……………….I know Louisville is the better team, but I will grab the two touchdowns with a team from the better conference used to playing tougher teams anytime.

SMU +7½ vs Baylor (one unit)………..I think SMU is an up and coming team, while Baylor is going to miss you know who at QB. Just feels like a close game to me. I think SMU’s defense will be the difference and keep them in the game.


Georgia Tech +7½ vs Virginia Tech (three units)………..I have been waiting for this line to jump to 7½ and it finally did, so I am jumping it now as I don’t want it to fall back to seven like Ithink it will. Virginia Tech always seems to start the season off slow and come on strong afterwards. Georgia Tech usually plays well vs VTU. I think Georgia Techs running game will control the clock and keep this one close. Should be a defense game. VTU always has defense, but will start slowly on offense with only their qb and three other starters returning. Should be a great Labor Day night televised game going down to the wire.

Good Luck Everybody!!