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On 09/02/2012 02:12 PM in MLB

A Rare Sunday Night Treat in Baseball

We got a real treat in store for us toight in MLB. My adopted White Sox team holding a one game lead over a strong and coming Detroit team.

I mentioned in a post back in early June that I really liked the players on the White Sox. I have been pulling for them and watching them ever since. The Sox are loaded with good hitting, but unfortunately there pitching is slightly better than average.

Detroit is hitting stride at the right time. That pitching staff is getting stronger as the season progresses. Well, tonight you have White Sox hurler Chris Sale going against last years Cy Young and MVP from the American League, Justin Verlander.

Verlander is 12-7 with a 2.80 ERA and Sales is 15-5 with a 2.81 ERA. Two very impressive men.

Although I am pulling and hoping the White Sox will somehow score 4 or 5 runs against Verlander, I just don't believe they will. On the other hand, I believe the Tigers very well could score 4 or 5 on Sales.

I love the big man for the Sox, Adam Dunn. The man has hit over 400 home runs in MLB with no juice. Before the steroid era he would be considered for the Hall of Fame with maybe 5 more productive years. Despite my fondness of Dunn, I view him as a real threat to halt any rally in a crucial part of the game. Would you want Mr. Dunn to come to the plate in a crucial situation with two outs and men on base ? Let's face it, he strikes out WAY too much. This of course is accepted to a great extent in todays world of MLB. Fifty years ago if a player struck out this much he would be picking splinters out of his ass on the bench. But as I said, I admit to enjoying Mr. Dunn when he does crack a home run. He has that Mark McGwire appeal to him in that respect.

I am going to go against my loyalties here. I think Verlander at home and a currently hot Tiger team at the plate will be too much for the Sox. Mind you, I really do hope I am wrong. The Sox need this game in a big way.

No can do. Put your bling on the Tigers in a classic September game which means a lot to both teams. You don't see these very often.

Take the Tigers