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On 08/31/2012 12:27 PM in NCAA Football

Tonight's Wager's will most Likely be placed right before Game Time

I love college football. I started off with a 4-1 ATS buffet last night and sprinkled a 4-0 Money Line on top of that.

I have gone over and over the stats in tonights big games, UT vs. UNC State & BSU vs MSU and my formula tells me that these games should be very close. I am aware that most people in this forum believe MSU is going to handle BSU easily, but I am not convinced of that at this point. The UT game is difficult for the following reason. Tennessee is coming off a bad season from last year. This program has a tendency to be really bad or really good. There is talent coming back this year and they have the potential to be an 8-4 team in a very good SEC conference. But it is the beginning of the season and I am not sure which team will show up. I have many contacts in Knoxville, TN and everyone of them feel UT will win this game by 7. However, the contacts I have at UNC State are also optimistic. The line is right where it should be, so no mistakes there.

BSU versus MSU. The large majority of people who feel MSU will roll may be correct. On paper it appears MSU has a distinct advantage. However, I have watched MSU lose and choke in dozens of games over the years and I am not convinced they won't do so tonight. Even if they win, I think it might end up being a very close game. Whenever you have as many new players in the starting line up as BSU will have, it is difficult to analyze early in the season. The question is, "Is BSU capable of reloading like the big boys who do it year after year in college football ?"

Can BSU put quality players on the field year after year like Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, USC ......etc.......??

There lies the answer to who shall win this game.

I am going to cover the stats a few more times and make a few phone calls and attempt to put all of this information together so I may make a well informed decision. NO "gut feelings" or "Free Picks" for this guy. To me that is just guessing.

I may not place a bet at all on tonights game. I had such a strong opening night, there is no reason to jepodize it because I want a piece of the action, However, I will probably make a game time decision.

Good Luck tonight.