stevemcqueen Posts:42 Followers:21
On 08/28/2012 07:59 PM in NCAA Football

Michigan State ? Really ?

I seem to be one of only a few that I have seen who remember how much of a choke program Michigan State has been over the years. Put aside last year, where they delivered in the Bowl Game, they are well below average in big games.

Its true that Boise State is only returning 5 starters from last years squad offensively. Both teams lost very good QB's.

Boise has only 2 returning starters on defense whereas MSU has 8.

On paper it might appear that MSU should win this game easily, and perhaps they might, but I for one have some very strong doubts on depending on MSU to deliver in a big game.

I'm still looking at this one closely. A last minute pick is probably in the making here.

crapgame Posts:18 Followers:0
08/28/2012 09:57 PM

MSU is going to run the shit out of the ball oldschool big 10 style. I don't think BSU will be able to stop the run.
BSU is going to have to stack the box and then maybe. We all know what happens when you have to stack the box, you open the door to a big play by air. BSU also lack a proven d-line. This is one of my bigger plays for opening weekend.

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08/29/2012 02:17 PM

spartans by at least 7