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On 08/27/2012 01:47 PM in NCAA Football

Thursday Game......thoughts

Thursday we have BYU and Washington State. BYU is home and laying 13. Am I missing something or is this a gift for the underdog? I follow the Pac- 10 or Pac 12 alot. I can't say I follow BYU that much, but knowing they have been a good team for a few years now is no big deal.

Washington State has Mike Leach as new head coach and a pretty good Senior QB. Washington State had 4 wins last year and played a pretty tough schedule. They lost to UTAH in OT who in return crushed BYU last year by 44. We all know what Leach did with Texas Tech. He is taking over a PAC 12 team that is loaded at wide receiver and is FAST! Leach it technician and a perfectionist. I cant see how they DONT cover 13.

Any thoughts on this?

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08/27/2012 02:29 PM

When I saw that point spread I was surprised as well. To me, Washington St. seems like they would cover and possibly win the game outright. The only thing is that this will be Leach's first game and we don't know if they will come out on offense looking like the old Texas Tech high scoring team or not. I watched BYU last year. Their defense was average against the teams on their schedule. Then again their schedule wasn't that tough. Nelson is the qb for BYU. He is kinda like a replica of tebow. He is big, runs the read option and sometimes throws. Their offense was decent against a weak schedule. If I bet that game the money will be on the cougars.

What other games do you like for the first week of NCAA football?

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08/28/2012 12:51 PM

Brolyg.....from all reports that I have seen and read Washington St. is running on all cylinders.....Leach had been very pleased with the offense especially his wideouts. The defense has a new system and they are adjusting. Could this be an OVER game? If Leach is happy with his offense then that is scary. We shall see

Other games I like to WATCH are too high of the point spread. USC laying 45 is to much.

Stanford should destroy San jose St. Would lay 30 if it were that high.

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08/28/2012 02:37 PM


I have a couple of games that I like for the first weekend. I agree that standford should win that game and cover the point spread even if they never throw a pass the whole game. Here are a list of games that I am researching right now. The ** are by the ones I like the most so far. Let me know what you think.

**South Carolina -6.5, under 45.5
Central Fla -24
Texas AM -7, under 60
UCLA -16
Wash State +13.5
Minnesota -8.5
**Mich State -7
**Stanford -26
West Va -24
Penn State -6
**Ohio State -23
Iowa State +1.5
Cal -11
Iowa -10
Georgia -38
Alabama -13.5
Rutgers -20
Oklahoma -31
Arizona -10
Washington -14
**Va Tech -7