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On 08/27/2012 10:30 AM in General

Saturday Travers Results..... Monday Picks......

Race 7 - nothing. bomb came in first. we had 2nd place and 4th.

Race 8 We had the winner in the 11 horse and our 7 was scratched. I knew the 11 would win.

Race 9 we had teh 4-2 exacta that paid $19.00, but I said the 6 would win. Came in 4th. Shit ride be the jockey.

TRAVERS STAKES.......was not even close on this. But the race was a dead heat. unreal!!!

Travers day is tough, but what is even tougher is the next week after Travers. Most cards are not very impressive. Horses get quick turn arounds to run again just to fill the card on the day. Trainers dont have much left in the stalls and unless the Jockey and trainer titles are on the line nothing really to run for. We have a few big races left on Saturday with the Woodward, but the Spinaway is on Sunday. This is for 2YO fillies. There is a horse that ran opening day named Kauai Katie.
If this fillie is entered in this race watch her run. She won by 12 lengths opening day with a bobble start and tehn with a hand ride all the way around she pulls away. She could have had track record if the jockey wanted. Most impressive ride I saw all year.

Monday Picks.....

Race 2 Have to go with the 1 and 2, but an interesting horse is the 6 Arch Support. I have seen this horse run. Could be a price. Box 6-2-1

Race 6 The 5 horse is the winner. I would do 5 over all. Hope a long shot comes in. Box 5-1-4

Race 7 Maiden Race - PASS

Race 10 Box 3-4-9 any scratches use the 10. This jockey burned me yesterday in the last race. As you all know I like LaParoux on the turf, but longer turf races. On a turf sprint he brings home the 12 horse......I had a triple box of 2-7-13, and exacta box 2-7-13. Came in 12-2-7-13. I threw out the 12 for the 13. UGH!!!!! $2400 triple.

Good luck if you choose to follow.