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On 08/24/2012 11:26 AM in General

8/24 Saratoga..........Friday

Well the tip ended up being shit!!!!!! Horse made one burst in the stretch, but just stopped firing. That is why I hate givng tips, but if it won and I did not send it out I would feel just as bad for not sharing.


Race 4 7 horse killed us. we had second and third.

Race 5 TIP RACE win and show........the tip horse (2) shit the bed. DAM IT.

Race 8 $14.00 exacta

Race 9 $73.00 exacta

Still up on the day, but would have been nicer if the 2 horse in the 5th won.

Fridays card

Race 1 Maiden race for 2 year olds......pass

Race 5 This is a tough race. I saw Ampersand run already as had Gimme Credit and Hear the Footsteps. Ampersand ran a good race. I think Hear the Footsteps needed a 1-2-8

Race 6 box 2-4-7 if any scratchs occur use the 6. This has a potential of a huge pay off. Linda Rice is 15-1 morning line, Johnny V is 15-1 and Ramon Dominquez who is on fire is 3-1.

Race 7 We have Ken Desourmeaux on the 10 horse. I am still believing he will bring in a bomb on the grass. This may be the day. LaParoux on inner 10-9-1

Race 8 the best horse in this field is the 1A, but he is on the ALSO ELEGIBLE list. Need him to get in......Box 8-1-2

Race 10 Not a great race.......going to pass. But I happen to like a real long shot in here if it gets in. If the 13 horse gets in this race I may go $2 exacta all over 13. This is my own thing and is just taking a chance. Not for anyone to follow.

Good luck if you choose to follow.
Sorry about the shitty tip yesterday.