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Saratoga photos.....

Well, went to the track on seats, Paddock passes the whole nine yards. Started off hot going 3-3 then 0-6. It was such an easy day to make money if you bet favorites. I of course always go for value with odds and got beat up. Oh well....... it was a perfect day, 80 degrees, sunny. Todd Pletcher was directly behind me in his box and he does not show up til race....he is in his box for a reason and that is to watch this horse run..........Pletcher and Johnny V go off at 14-1 and of course the horse wins and pays 30.50. I told my girlfriend I am betting the 5 (Pletcher horse) over all because he is in his box for a reason....I get shut out.....exacta pays $150.50. UGH!!!!!!!

I have some photos here of the track for those who have never seen it. Seats were at the finish line. There is so much more to the track other than the racing. You all have 12 more days to get here and see it.

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08/23/2012 09:30 AM

Finish line

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one horse accident directly in front of were horrified.

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Paddock the horses get dressed, meet the jockeys and owners........

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