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On 08/20/2012 09:37 AM in MLB

Wow were the Rays impressive this weekend

After getting Perfectoed by King Felix on Wednesday the Rays proceeded to go to LA and sweep the Angels in a 4 game series....not very often you see a 4 game road sweep particularly against a solid team like the Angelos....

They won games started by Haren, Weaver, Wilson and Greinke, highlighted by Saturday's win coming from 8-0 to win 10-8...

The Rays now find themselves 5 games behind the Yankees and in first place in the wild card standings, while the Angels after they acquired Greinke and looked like they were ready for a monster second half are now 9 games behind Texas and 5 games out in the loss column from the second wild card berth....

Hopefully we will have a fun last month or so of the season....

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08/20/2012 11:56 AM

The Angels are a complete MESS. Their starting pitching is sickening, and their bullpen not much better. What a huge disappointment this team is. They'll be lucky to get a wild card spot. Even if they do, they'll get run in the playoffs.

Mike Scioscia's days are numbered, mark my words.

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