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On 08/19/2012 11:29 AM in General

Sunday 8/19 ....saratoga

Well Saturday was a tough card with several maiden races so our choices were limited as far as quality races....
Race 2 we hit nothing. Not even close

Race 6 we had winner and nothing else whine it... Sam!!

Race 8. We hit exacta for 49.00 and triple box for $410.00

Today's card is loaded w turf races...
Race 2. Box 4-2-10. Any scratches use 9

Race 4 Box 1-4-8. I like the 4 to win

Race 5 is maiden race... Pass

Race 6. Box. 3-4-5. Use the 9 if you have a scratch or want longer odds. Chance this jockey brings in long shot

Race 7. Box. 11-9-7. Linda rice specialty in a turf sprint. She brings them in.

Goof luck if you choose to follow.

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08/19/2012 11:54 AM

nice hit on race 8

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08/20/2012 10:13 AM

BTB........Sunday Race 2.... Said box 4-2-10 and use the 9 if any scratches happen,,. Race 2-4-9-10 $527 super, $227 triple, $52.00 exacta.

Thread wise only the exacta came in, but someone may have used all 4 horses. I hope. LOL