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On 08/18/2012 12:20 PM in General

Saturday 8/18 Saratoga

Here at the races today.. Got here at 6 AM to get tables...two grade 1 stakes races and perfect weather.

Very tough card today
Race 2 maiden turf race ..2 year olds... Crap shoot. 6 will be over bet with Pletcher and Johnny V. Box 6-9-1

Race 5. Passing.

Race 6. Box 15-9-11. Lots of horses here. If we hit this it will pay. Tough race though. First time in history of Saratoga they are running 15 horses.
Race 8. Box. 1-6-7.

That's all for today. Not going to pick just for the sake of picking.

Good luck if you choose to follow