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08/16/2012 04:22 PM

Thursday, August 16

Game Score Status Pick Amount

Texas - 1:05 PM ET NY Yankees -127 500
NY Yankees - Over 10 500

LA Dodgers - 4:05 PM ET Pittsburgh -126 500
Pittsburgh - Over 7.5 500

Boston - 7:05 PM ET Baltimore +120 500
Baltimore - Under 8.5 500

Chi. White Sox - 7:07 PM ET Chi. White Sox -125 500
Toronto - Over 8.5 500

San Diego - 7:10 PM ET San Diego +186 500
Atlanta - Under 8 500

NY Mets - 7:10 PM ET NY Mets +136 500
Cincinnati - Over 8.5 500

Philadelphia - 8:10 PM ET Philadelphia -116 500
Milwaukee - Over 7.5 500

Oakland - 8:10 PM ET Oakland +106 500
Kansas City - Under 8.5 500

Arizona - 8:15 PM ET St. Louis -141 500
St. Louis - Under 8 500

Miami - 8:40 PM ET Miami +111 500
Colorado - Under 10.5 500

Tampa Bay - 10:05 PM ET Tampa Bay -109 500
LA Angels - Over 7.5 500

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08/16/2012 04:24 PM

Armadillo: Thursday's six-pack

-- Rookie umpire Jordan Baker had the plate for Atlanta's 6-1 win over the Padres; nine games behind the plate for Baker, nine unders.

-- Pirates are sliding, losing six of last seven games; Andrew McCutchen has only seven RBI in his last 27 games, and no teammates are picking up the slack for him.

-- Just dawned on me that Billy Butler wears #16 for the Royals, same number Bo Jackson wore in KC. Good players in different ways.

-- Braves are 22-10 since All-Star break, on a serious roll.

-- Applications to Butler University are up 43%; most of the credit has been giving to Butler's making the Final Four in consecutive seasons.

-- Fantasy league playoffs this week; probably not the best week to be going up against the team Felix Hernandez is on.


Armadillo: Thursday's List of 13: Our baseball lists: Bottom 5, top 8 teams.....

30) Astros—Lucas Harrell should get consideration for Rookie of Year; 10-8 on this team?

29) Rockies—At least Houston has a plan; not sure what Colorado is trying to do. They’re 24-37 at home.

28) Indians—Is there a more depressed sports city in America? Their teams stink, and Lebron is having a big year.

27) Cubs—Have won only six more games than Astros; may have handed Atlanta a playoff berth by trading them Maholm.

26) Brewers—Packers open up at home September 9 against the 49ers.

8) Rays—If playoffs started Thursday morning, Rays-Orioles would be AL Wild Card game.

7) Dodgers— Huge day Wednesday; they won, Giants lost and Melky Cabrera is gone for the year.

6) White Sox—When someone with no experience gets hired as a manager next winter, thank Robin Ventura. He’s made it OK to hire guys from out of the blue.

5) Rangers— Wondering how much competition they’ll have this winter to re-sign Josh Hamilton.

4) Bronx—Until Sabathia comes back, their pitching is substandard. Have to be worried about short series in October.

3) Braves—Freddie Freeman hit a ball over the Apple in straightaway CF at Citi Field last week. Prodigious blast.

2) Reds—Tremendous bullpen. Todd Frazier has been big help, filling in at 1B for injured Votto. Cincinnati has best record in baseball since Votto got hurt, which makes no sense.

1) Nationals—This is going to be a weird postseason, when a healthy Strasburg sits in dugout and watches playoff games. Maybe FOX could hook him up as a guest host in their studio.

Always remember the 3 G's Girls,Golf, Gambling not in any particular order......:2thumbs: