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On 08/16/2012 09:38 AM in Soccer

Carrarese - Genoa

Friendlies are often hard to predict, but the squad that Genoa brought into the game against Carrarese (lower leagues) are probably to hard to handle for the hosts. And even if i do believe that there will be many rotations or changes, there are still to much experienced players for minows from Carraro to overcome.

Team for this friendly:

PORTIERI: Frey, Stillo, Zima

DIFENSORI: Antonelli, Bovo, Canini, Mesto, Moretti, Polenta, Tomovic, Velazquez

CENTROCAMPISTI: Bertolacci, Biondini, Merkel, Moro Alhassan, Rossi, Seymour, Tozser

ATTACCANTI: Buongiorno, Gilardino, Jankovic, Olivera, Said

All in all, handicap seems just to low in this case as i have imagined -1 for Genoa against that kind of opponent. Almost all the "strong players " are there and Genoa should win this