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Saratoga Wednesday.... 8/15

Ok, well it rained very early this morning, not sure if that will affect the turf races or not so pay attention to the condition...
I did a write up for my family who is at the track today. I did ALL the races for them, even the dirt. Not the best card of the season today.

MY TURF Selection...

Race 1 We have JJ Toner with the 1 horse. You all know I like JJ Toner. Must use the 1 horese in exotics. Cornelio Velazquez is on the 8 and is odds will be LONG. He is a turf sprint rider usually rides all of Linda Rices horses. May be a horse to consider.
Box 1-8-2. The 5 will be the favorite and it may go. Safer bet is 1-5-2

Race 2 Box 9-4-5

Race 5 Bridgetown, 3 horse is a beast. I think the only horse that has a chance to beat him is Artest, the 5 horse.
I would use 3-5-7 BOX

Race 6 Very intersting race here. I am going with the 3-4-8 BOX, but the 7 Horse Cinnamon Beach had good race last time out. For some reason if this jockey Ortiz Jr. who brings in some long shots gets this horse going it could pay a price. Now if the 12 gets in use the 12, and box 3-8-12. This is a very tough race to bet.

Race 7 Box 3-4-7 The 2 may go as well. IF you want to thow out the 3 or 7 and use the 2 feel free.

Race 10 I do like. I see some things that will bring some money in long shots.... INNER TURF LaParoux is showing form again on the turf, He is riding the 7 horse. We have the best turf jockey around when he is sober in Desormeaux on the 10 horse. The 9 horse I have seen run before. The trainer picks up Johnny V for the mount.

Box 7-9-10 for some long odds. IF you do not like the 7 horse use the 6 horse. I put the 7 in for ODDS, but the safer bet would be the 6. I would say the 10 horse as really good shot at winning it all. If you like playing exotics and know how to bet try this... $2 triple wheel 10 over the 6,9 over the 6,9,7 This is on $8 bet.

Not the best card today. Again, don't take these to the bank.

Good luck if you choose to follow.

Following are the dirt picks I gave the family...... if anyone is interested.......

Race 3 Tough race. The 6 horse will be over bet because of Johnny V and Pletcher. But I have seen the 2 horse run and with Ramon Dominquez on board he may win it all.

Race 4 Maiden race. Tough choice.

Race 8 i like the 1 horse to win. Ran very well last time out.

Race 9 Box 7-6-3