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fantasy sports question

So i use alot of sites and one of them, starstreet, has just started up a new type of contest, called pick 5. instead of playing against other people, they list out 5 different matchups. each matchup only has two players. for example, today's matchups are
C hamels vs G Gonzalez
Peavy vs Fiers
Pujols vs trout
Bourn vs jennings
Andrus vs Altuve

Now you can either do where you are wagering of if you can hit all 5 right($5 to win $100) or do if you are going to pick at least 3 right(basically the same vig as a head to head). my questions are: this seems a bit on the edge of fantasy in terms of being legal, as it is very defined options of what you can pick, so is it legal? and two, it seems pretty easy to beat, as i've been playing it, and noticed that a fair amount of the time at least one of the 10 players doesn't play, so it is an automatic win on 1 of the 5. thoughts?

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08/13/2012 03:06 PM

Interesting - haven't seen anything like it before - I would be sure it isn't legal though - any more than a regular sports-betting account would be...never done fantasy baseball so I don't have any idea how easy or hard it would be....

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