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On 08/13/2012 06:57 AM in MLB

2012 baseball season......

FIRST HALF RECORD (162-155)(+10.53)
SECOND HALF RECORD (46-43)(-7.84)¬
SEASON RECORD (208-198)(+2.69)

2-3 dropping 5.19 units on Sunday. Back to my losing ways in the second half and in danger of falling in the hole for the season. Some really big underdogs coming in lately. I think this last month and a half is tough to bet in bases. You wonder how teams in contention who need wins can lose when they are huge favorites.

I think I am going to concentrate on football from this point on. I have hardly even looked at anything yet this year, especially in college. I guess what I am going to say is I am done betting bases. By quitting now I can say I had a winning season. I know it is not much, but there are a lot of people who cannot say that.

Good Luck Everybody the rest of the season. Look for my college and pro football picks in the appropriate threads.

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08/13/2012 09:49 AM

Good luck with Football Mark. Baseball have been so-so for me too. Going to start crunching some football numbers myself soon.