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On 08/13/2012 05:08 AM in Soccer

Real Madrid vs. Valencia Match Preview

5 last matches of Real Madrid have won 4 kemenanangan for 2 seasons and has not been invincible by Valencia. However, in the last match score ends at the stadium: a glass eye. Following the last meeting of the game 5:

Barcelona Real Madrid VS Valencia:
09 Apr 2012: Real Madrid 0-0 Valencia
20 Nov 2011: Valencia 2 – 3 Real Madrid
23 Apr 2011: Valencia 3-Real Madrid 6
05 Dec 2010: Real Madrid 2-0 Valencia
19 Apr 2010: Real Madrid 2-0 Valencia

In Matchday 1 has predicted will reap Real Madrid victory by a score of 3-1 over Valencia at the stadium:. How to select PAL, Real Madrid or Valencia?

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