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On 08/12/2012 02:11 PM in MLB

sunday bases

FIRST HALF RECORD (162-155)(+10.53)
SECOND HALF RECORD (44-40)(-2.65)¬
SEASON RECORD (206-195)(+7.88)

2-2 picking up 0.78 units on Saturday. Better than losing I guess. Just got home from work, so I missed all the games that started before 2:00. That does not leave that much left, but I do have one that I love.

Atlanta –106 vs NY Mets (homerun)…………….This might be the sucker bet of the day. Mets have fallen apart, Braves are redhot. It is the Sunday night game on ESPN, yet the line is so tiny. I don’t care. Win big or go home for me in this one. I probably will not even be awake tonight to watch the game.

Washington +122 vs Arizona (double)…………Once again I am taking the better, hotter team as a dog. The Nats just keep finding ways to win games. Win or lose I will not be sorry I took this one.

The rest of these are (single)……… unit plays.

Angels -1½ (-125) vs Seattle
Texas -137 vs Detroit
San Francisco -1½ (+130) vs Colorado

Good Luck Everybody!!