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On 08/11/2012 06:17 PM in MLB

saturday bases

FIRST HALF RECORD (162-155)(+10.53)
SECOND HALF RECORD (42-38)(-3.43)¬
SEASON RECORD (204-193)(+7.10)

2-2 losing 2.14 units on Friday. Back in another losing streak. Still having a winning season, but that is getting in danger. I think part of the problem is my heart is not into it as much as I am getting geared for football. This happens every year in August whether I am having a good or bad baseball season. Missed the day games. Here is what I got for Saturday night.

Phillies -140 vs St Louis (single)……………….Phils playing better lately, shame it is too late. Lee I think is going to start piling up some wins in the second half. Would make this a higher player, but still cannot trust the Phillies as a favorite this high.

Atlanta -107 vs NY Mets (triple)………….I think Atlanta may win this division and overtake the Nats. Santana has had his moments this year, but has lost his last three. The guy pitching for Atlanta is an up and coming youngster (as usual) that the Braves always seem to come up with. Braves should win this one.

Pittsburgh -1½ (+125) vs San Diego (double)…………….Bucs should kill them, but don’t want to lay the heavy juice, hence the runline.

Washington +118 vs Arizona (single)……………Nats probably lose this one, but they seem to keep winning, so I will try a unit on them as a dog. Cannot pass this one up.

Due for not only a winning day, but a nice winning day. I am hoping it is tonight. Good Luck Everybody!!