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On 08/09/2012 06:55 PM in MLB

friday bases

FIRST HALF RECORD (162-155)(+10.53)
SECOND HALF RECORD (40-36)(-1.29)¬
SEASON RECORD (202-191)(+9.24)

0-1 dropping 2.46 units on Thursday. Back in the hole for the second half of the season again. I have been back and forth so many time since the allstar break. I have a full day ahead of me on Friday and will not be around much, so I am posting all my plays for Friday tonight. Sorry, no write-ups.

Pittsburgh -138 vs San Diego (triple)
Atlanta -130 vs NY Mets (double)
Phillies -126 vs St Louis (single)
San Fran -1½ (+100) vs Colorado (single)

Good Luck Everybody!!