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Saratoga Thursday 8/9

Well wednseday was a good day.. I screwed up a little with the first two races. I labelled my first race "race 1" which was actaully the first race on the thread. The first TURF race of the day was race 2. And Race 2 on the thread was actaully Race 4. (I listed Race 4 on the card as Race 2 on the thread and then Race 4 again) Thats is what happens when coffee kicks in in the middle the right up and you have to leave the computer in hurry......LOL. Got back to my desk and forgot where I left off.

We had the 2nd race exacta 3-1 exacta $18.20

Race 4 8-1-3 box came in 3-8-1 Exacta paid 43.20. I did say you could try 8 over ALL so you could have lost. Here is the funny thing, In one right up I said 8-1-3 and add the 6 if you want as a long shot. SUPER CAME IN 3-8-1-6 for $1355.00 Go figure.

Race 5. I knew the 2 horse could the 3-2-8 came in 2-3-1 Exacta paid $28.20 with the $12.80 win

Race 7 NOTHING. Had the 4 in our box, came in 2nd. Nothing else.

I mentioned race 9 and 10 as passes and gave some advice....... Race 9 had a scratch but we had the winner.....Race 10 we 2nd and 3rd.

Over all not a bad day for once....

Now to Thursday............Pay attention to the weather......I like turf races and some later races may be off the turf with thunderstorms in the forecast.
Race 1 (actual) first race of the day.......steeplechase......stay away, but if you choose look for Jockeys in Hodson and Dowling and trainer in Kingsley and Sheppard.

Race 5 We have Johnny V on a maiden horse. He will be heavily bet favorite. Box 7-5-3

Race 6 Interesting scenario as Ramon Dominquez is on a Chad Brown horse, this is usually Costellano's mount. LaParoux is on Dutrow horse which is usually a Dominquez mount. Lots of moving around with Johnny V being hurt to start the season. Box the BOX 9-7-3 if one of these is out use the 2.

Race 7 Box 9-6-2 I do like the 6 to win.

Race 9 Something that stands out for me here is that Kent Desormeaux is on the 7 horse. Desormeaux lost his mounts yesterday and Joel Rosario picked them up. He actually rode the 3 horse that won race 4 yesteday. Does he lose the mount again or stay aboard? I do not like the morning line favorite.....
Box the 7-1-6. 1 horse has good chance to win it all.

Race 10 I have seen the 1 horse run before, it was strong and ready to go. I have also seen the 5 horse go. I think that time it needed to excercise. He could run for real this time. Box the 9-1-5, but if you want, don't be afraid of the 6. I left the 6 out to add value and odds with the 5.

Asked to work the bar tonight and saturday. Maybe I will get some tips for the weekend or future rides.

Good luck if you choose to follow.