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Saratoga Wed. 8/8

Well the one race I post to bet on Monday had all 3 horses scratched. With the info I gave my dad, he walks home with $11.20 cents. You hit 3 exactas, 4 winners and if he had some balls to bet to win he had two winners over $36.00. I expected him to say he had a couple of hundred on him, not $11.20.

Race 1... Linda Rice on a turf sprint.....pretty good scenario. Cornelio Velazquez is her man for this, but in an interesting mount she has Alex Solis on another. We also have Ken Desormeaux on the grass, but I like him on longer races...

Here is what we are going with... 3-1-4. Pretty much favorites. If the 9 gets in use the 9 in place of the 4. (3-1-9)

Race 2 The 8 should be the favorite. Best horse in this field. Box 8-1-3

Race 4 Going with Desormeaux on this one....turf sprint, but I am also going with Linda Rice on the turf sprint even with out her main jockey. Box 8-6-3 I think the 8 wins this. Better bet may be 8 over all exacta. Hope a bomb comes in second.

Race 5 The 2 horse is a darn good horse and I have seen the 8 horse run before and it was ready. The favorite will be the 3 for sure. The morning line is already 8/5. I feel that the 2 horse may steel the win. I will put the 8 in for ODDS.
Box 3-2-8

Race 7. Very tough race to handicap. Box the 6-5-4. Now if one of these is scratched use the 3. The 3 has potential it will be a matter of pace and he will be a price.

Race 9 I am passing on this, but if you forced me to pick box 10-8-4.

Race 10 Again passing, but if you had to force me 10-9-5. 10 horse looks interesting for a long shot.

Good luck if you choose to follow. Remember the main track has been speed favorite. If you find a horse who is a front runner it has been holding steady for them.

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08/08/2012 02:28 PM

Well I just realized I screwed up.....Race 1 was my first race of the day which actually meant it was race 2 (first turf race)
and Race 2 on the thread is race the program...UGH...8 horse in race 4 is the best horse. Still go 8-1-3 use the 6 if want a long shot in RACE 4 today. Screwed up , Sorry.