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On 08/08/2012 10:05 AM in Soccer

Figueirense - Flamengo

Before this match is started, Figueirense have lost 6 consecutive matches, and they continue to stand end rankings, they are in danger!
Flamengo have also a form is not good, but perhaps they need not worry because Figueirense could not beat Flamengo in the last 5 confrontations.Furthermore, they are facing staffing crisis when the players Guilherme Santos, Aloisio was suspended. Almir, Wilson, Tiago Volpi, Toro, Franco Niell and Heber was injured ( Flamengo side are also the absence of Airton, Deivid and Maldonado ).
I believe in a positive result for Flamengo on tomorrow morning and this match will be less than 3 goals is scored.