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08/07/2012 03:32 PM

Armadillo: Tuesday's six-pack

-- Cleveland Browns named rookie Brandon Weeden their starting QB for the season opener; he's a rookie, but a 28-year old rookie.

-- For some reason, Justin Verlander was allowed to throw 132 pitches Monday, despite having a 5-run lead from sixth inning on. He won 7-2.

-- Braves have now won seven in a row against Philly, which had its first non-sellout since July of 2009. Bandwagon is slowly emptying.

-- UCLA dismissed leading shot blocker Anthony Stover for "academic reasons". Translation: He wasn't playing as well as they wanted him to.

-- Astros drew 13,843 for their game with Washington, smallest crowd in Minute Maid Park history........Pirates drew 24,213 fans for a Monday game with Arizona. Its good to be a contender.

-- Red Sox had eight doubles and beat Yu Darvish 9-2. Somehow, not sure Mr Darvish is worth all the money Texas spent to get him.


Armadillo: Tuesday's List of 13: Nobody asked me, but.........

13) Over last 13 years, Super Bowl loser is 0-13 against the spread (2-11 SU) in its season opener the next year.

Not that there is a hangover involved or anything. Nope, not at all.

12) Last 12 Super Bowl champs won their season opener the next year (9-1-2 vs spread); last defending champ to start the next season 0-1 were the post-Elway Broncos in 1999.

11) I don’t post information on preseason football because I don’t think you should be betting on it. There are trends for any set of events, but just because they happen doesn’t mean there’s a valid connection between past and future events.

That said, a guy I know bets over on almost every nationally televised preseason game, figuring they’re trying harder to put on a good show.

10) One of highlights of this summer was coming home the other night to find my father watching the old Patrick Swayze movie Road House; he loved it at the end when Ben Gazzara gets blown away by the people he had been terrorizing. Excellent.

9) Sounds like Kevin Kolb got banged up pretty good in Canton Sunday night; makes you wonder if he’s ever going to be able to withstand the beating an NFL takes over the course of a 16-game season.

Not a good sign for the Redbirds that they couldn’t keep Kolb from getting crushed in four plays.

8) Mark Cuban is in a new Mountain Dew commercial; when Mavericks traded for Caron Butler in February of ‘10, they had to wean him off drinking a dozen Mountain Dews before every game. Really, they did.

Seriously, Mountain Dew is addictive.

7) Roy Oswalt said “I’ve had enough”, and refused to pitch a third inning of relief for the Rangers Sunday. In a close game.

Word is he wants to start, but Texas prefers him coming out of the bullpen. Curious to see how Nolan Ryan handles this one.

6) Still bugs me that scientists in the Czech Republic randomly decided that Pluto is no longer a planet. Why did I waste time studying that stuff in school if some geeks in lab coats can just erase stuff from science books?

5) Why are all these ballclubs hiring analystics experts who went to Ivy League schools? Of the five smartest people I know, none went to an Ivy League school, and two of the five went to state schools. Its almost like a status thing to hire some Ivy Leaguer/former Wall Street guy to run your numbers for you. Its football-basketball-baseball; how complex can it really be?

4) ESPN mixed up its college football announce teams pretty good for this year. Best new announce team will be Sean McDonough/Chris Spielman. Will miss Bob Davie doing games; wish him well at New Mexico.

3) What are Seahawks doing? They have a 3-way QB race going on and into that mix they throw 38-year old Terrell Owens. This should end well.

2) USA led Argentina 60-59 after a wild first half, then exploded for 42 points in the third quarter and pulled away for a 126-97 win. Americans made 20-39 from the arc; when they do that, they ain't losing.

1) At the start of the movie Moneyball, they show the horrendous night when the Bronx Bombers beat the A’s in Game 5 of the 2001 playoffs; Bronx had a payroll that year of $111,161,143, Oakland $33,404,750.

This season, according to the terrific website, Bronx has a payroll of $209,502,900, the A’s $53,475,000.

Its conceivable these teams could meet again in the postseason. If they do, someone better get Brad Pitt’s agent on speed dial.

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08/07/2012 06:00 PM

Tuesday, August 7

Game Score Status Pick Amount

Seattle - 7:05 PM ET Seattle +117 500
Baltimore - Under 9.5 500

NY Yankees - 7:05 PM ET NY Yankees -106 500
Detroit - Under 9.5 500

Atlanta - 7:05 PM ET Atlanta +130 500
Philadelphia - Over 7.5 500

Minnesota - 7:05 PM ET Minnesota +109 500
Cleveland - Under 9.5 500

Arizona - 7:05 PM ET Pittsburgh -114 500
Pittsburgh - Under 8 500

Texas - 7:10 PM ET Texas +106 500
Boston - Under 9.5 500

Toronto - 7:10 PM ET Toronto +161 500
Tampa Bay - Over 7.5 500

Miami - 7:10 PM ET NY Mets -155 500
NY Mets - Under 8 500

Washington - 8:05 PM ET Washington -175 500
Houston - Under 8.5 500

Kansas City - 8:10 PM ET Kansas City +180 500
Chi. White Sox - Over 9 500

Cincinnati - 8:10 PM ET Milwaukee -103 500
Milwaukee - Under 7.5 500

San Francisco - 8:15 PM ET San Francisco +168 500
St. Louis - Over 8.5 500

Chi. Cubs - 10:05 PM ET San Diego -130 500
San Diego - Under 7.5 500

LA Angels - 10:05 PM ET LA Angels -133 500
Oakland - Over 7 500

Colorado - 10:10 PM ET Colorado +155 500
LA Dodgers - Over 7.5 500

Always remember the 3 G's Girls,Golf, Gambling not in any particular order......:2thumbs: