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nfl week two

One Unit Plays (5-1)(+3.90 units)
Two Unit Plays (0-0)(even units)
Three Unit Plays (0-2)(-7.20 units)

Overall Record (5-3)(-3.30 units)

Did everything backwards in week one. Horrible on my three unit plays, had one push on my two unit plays (which I don’t count on my record) and did very well on my small one unit plays. Nice win/loss record, but not so good on units which is what counts. What is weird in college football I do a lot of reading and research, yet in the NFL I mostly go off what I know and gut feelings. Here is what I got for week number two. One of my favorite things to do in week two is go against week one. Too many over reactions to what teams did in week one.

Miami +3 (-125) vs Houston (three unit play)………….Ok, Houston crushed the Colts even though they did not have you know who. Miami did not look like they had a chance vs the almightv Pats. So What? Miami was a play or two from being in that Monday night game. They moved the ball pretty well vs the Pats. It was the dolphin defense that let them down. I know Miami’s defense is much better than that and I like what I have seen with Miami’s opened up offense. The only down side is the Chad Henne factor. Houston hopefully resorts to the way the always have been where they are so up and down and cannot be trusted. Miami will win this game.

Pittsburgh -14 (-115) vs Seattle (three unit play)…………I cannot believe all the talk about how much the Steelers are done. I wish that were true, I cannot stand the Pittsbugh Steelers. Seven turnovers, no offensive line, and old defense…yet they are favored by two touchdowns???? Baltimore just came as ready as a team can possibly come ready to play and had one of those games where everything went right for them and wrong for Pittsburgh. This one will get ugly fast. Pittsburgh by at least 21. Does not hurt that Seattle sucks either.

Kansas City +7½ vs Detroit (two unit play)………….Should play this for three units as well, but I am too chicken. Detroit was the talk of the NFL as long as they stay healthy before the season started. They go out in week one and look impressive on the road, while KC gets mangled at home against Buffalo of all teams. No KC plays at Detroit and this line is only 7½ . Maybe this line should be 21. I think I will put a million dollars on the lock of the century with the Detroit Lions. No wait…..better not. Give me KC.

Colts +2 vs Cleveland (two unit play)…………According to everybody, the Colts might as well forfeit the rest of this season. Even the boys in Vegas must think that too as they have made the CLEVELAND BROWNS ROAD FAVORITES. I am not buying into it. No way the Colts were are bad as last week. They had all week to think about what happened and will come out and un-embarrass themselves this week.

Dallas -3 vs San Fran (one unit play)……………Outside of the finish of the Jets game, Tony Romo looked pretty good vs a great defense. He, like the colts had all week to think about it. He will redeem himself vs a 49er team that looked pretty good last week, didn’t they? That’s right….they played Seattle. Dallas by at least ten.

Denver -3½ vs Cincinnati (one unit play)………..Are you kidding me? Cincy only getting 3½ on the road. Another over reaction to week one. Denver already lost at home to Oakland and Cincy went to Cleveland and won outright. Shouldn’t Cincy be favored then? Nope. Denver surprisingly easy.

I will be back sometime Sunday with a play on the Sunday night game. Keep going back forth on that one right now.

Good Luck Everybody!!