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How the Hall of Fame QB lured Peyton Manning to the Broncos

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – John Elway looked relaxed on the eve of his team's training camp. The Hall of Fame quarterback and Denver Broncos executive vice president was dressed in an orange polo, tan dress shorts and loafers, a model of calm at a time when most NFL team executives are sweating the details.
Elway has done plenty in less than two years as the head of football operations with the Broncos. His look belies the fact that he has constantly been on the road. Be it hours after the end of a college bowl game as he waited to get information on a player or at the NFL scouting combine, Elway is ubiquitous in a profession where so many ex-players don't have patience.
John Elway proved to be a solid recruiter in the Broncos' acquisition of Peyton Manning. (AP)
But there is still a sense of calm, which is on display now. More important, it was on display when Elway helped the Broncos land Peyton Manning this offseason.
Just as he did in so many games as a player, Elway kept his cool in the middle of the high-pressure pursuit that also featured San Francisco, Miami, Kansas City, Tennessee, Seattle, the New York Jets and Washington.
That's all part of the joy for Elway, who is running the Broncos after helping the team win two Super Bowl titles. On Wednesday, Elway sat down with Yahoo! Sports to talk about Manning and the challenges he enjoys running the Broncos:
Jason Cole: Last season, there were some people who said that you didn't want Tim Tebow to succeed because you didn't want someone to eclipse you as a great player in Denver sports lore. Now, you go get Peyton Manning, someone who is certainly on your level. So it seems you're not afraid of that.
John Elway: I don't know how you win at this level without one of those guys. Now, there are exceptions, but that's the general rule and Peyton gives us that opportunity to compete for a world championship. You have to have a guy with that capability.
Cole: But when people were saying that …

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really think denver is going to be alot better than they were last season with manning @ QB