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On 07/25/2012 09:50 AM in General

Saratoga Wednesday.7/25

Bank roll at $887.40 pretty much treading water.....

Race 3... $2 ex. box 5-9-1 If the 10 horse runs use 10-5-9

Race 4 1-7-3 Here we have Desormeaux on the turf on the 1 horse, but it is a sprint. I like him on longer races. No Linda Rice horse in this one either.

Race 6 VERY TOUGH RACE TO HANDICAP........ pass if you want going with the 9-8-6 If the 13 gets in. Play it to win. use 13-9-6

Race 8 Interesting scenario........Johhny Velazquez first race of the meet. Play him to win. $20 WPS on 2 horse.

Good luck to all.