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Trash talk from Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio

The US men's basketball team beat Spain 100-78 in its final exhibition game before heading to London for the Olympics. The contest was a rematch of the 2008 gold medal game in Beijing won by the US, and Spain has made it clear it's out for revenge.
Not only has Marc Gasol been critical of the current US squad, but Serge Ibaka has also said the Spanish team compares well to the US team. Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio, who is recovering from a major knee injury, talked a little trash to his Minnesota Timberwolves teammate and Olympics opponent Kevin Love before the game via Twitter:
@kevinlove are u ready to lose against Spain tonight?
— Ricky Rubio (@rickyrubio9) July 24, 2012
After the US won the game, Love, whose performance on Team USA has been scrutinized, responded:
. @rickyrubio9 how'd that work out for you buddy?
— Kevin Love (@kevinlove) July 24, 2012
Love only played 13 minutes, but at least he had nine rebounds so he can semi-claim bragging rights. Carmelo Anthony had 27 and LeBron James scored 25 to lead the team. The trash talk could be categorized as "friendly," but there's little doubt Spain is gunning for the US.
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Thanks for posting the info - please no URL links for sales items in your posts.

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love is the most under rated nba player
this kid is playing like a superstar