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On 07/23/2012 10:06 AM in General

Day 3 summary, Day 4 picks...........

Well, I don't know how much closer we could have gotten WITHOUT winning.......
Race 3. 1st, 3rd, and 4th. 5 horse kills us by coming in 2nd.

Race 8 no bet at the 12 was scratched as was the 2, but we had the hardest part.......the win horse .

Race 10. I always take a chance on Desormeaux on the turf no matter what the odds. He came in second.
I said box the 4-11-9 with a chance the 12 could run. Comes in 12-4-9. KIck myself in the ass for not taking the 12, but if you did follow this post and took the chance on him, good for you. but for this post I still lost. $95.00 exacta.

TODAYS CARD........... I see some good combos w jockeys/ trainers/ surface.....lets hope we break through.... I dont know if the turf course will run as it rained off and on last night and massive T-Storms around 5 am this morning. Watch the board. These are ALL TURF PICKS. NOT FOR DIRT!!

Race 1. $2 ex. box 6-2-1

Race $2 box 5-7-2 I do like the 7 to win. Carson Hall is a good horse. Desormeaux is on the 5 with odds.

Race 3 $2 Ex. box 3-6-9 Linda Rice in a turf sprint on the 6 horse. She is VERY good on turf sprints. Can play to win.

Race 4 $2 exacta box 8-6-5 Trainer Trembotta with Ramon Dominquez is a VERY good combo and Ramon had 6 winners yesterday. He is on fire.


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07/23/2012 02:54 PM

Well the turf races are over for the day and we layed $48.00 in wagers...... Bank Roll at $860.

Today was a much better day...potentianl for a huge day if you went on your own using the picks, but for this thread made some money.......

Race 1 1-6-2 we have the exacta and if you triple boxed (which I never said to do) you have that as well. Won $41.40 on exacta . Triple would have been $104.50

Race 2 1-7-5 not a winner but had 2nd and 3rd.

Race 3 6-3-4. Exacta of $34.00 and winner which if you played you won.

Race 4. I SCREWED UP ON THIS RACE. Picked the 8-6-5 in the thread...Came in 8-3- 5.......not a winner, but I screwed up..I thought Laparoux was on the 6 not the 3. I confused the ODDS with the POST #. You all know I favor Laparoux on the turf, especially INNER TURF. Well it came in 8-3-5 $200. Exacta. Lost on the thread.

Over all up $27.40 on the day. Could have been huge though.... my bad!!

Hope some made money.