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On 07/21/2012 10:35 PM in MLB

Why do the monitors of this forum allow some people to advertise Twitter and websites and won't allow others to mention any?

Me thinks this forum is ran by a bunch of con men. I will most likely be banned after this message.

It seems the moment the monitors of this forum realize that you might have more expertise than them, they go out of their way to keep the forum members from learning more about you. Coincidence ? I doubt it.

You see I have a website that is focused on helping people to learn the art of sports betting. It focuses on teaching so you don't have to purchase other peoples picks. You can do it yourself, there is no need to pay anyone for picks. When I first came to this forum the monitors would let me put my website up, but suddenly, they will not allow me to show it to anyone.

  • 07/22/2012 01:36 PM

    How do we go about keeping forum members from learning about you? Is it because you come here and advertise your site in your signature and we remove it?

    To let you know, there is no forum out there that will let you advertise in it, we work hard here to bring traffic and allow a place to for cappers to chat, cap, be monitored etc.. Why should you get free advertising? If you have a great site people will find it. It is not our job to help you get traffic to your website. If you have information that is free and your looking to help people why not just help people in the forum?

    We also have profile pages for all members, with a huge info box. You can put all the information you want there. All we are asking if that you dont advertise in the forum! Members can also freely PM each other so I dont see how we are stopping anyone from learning about anyone

    And finally you were never allowed to show your website, I removed it numerous times and you put it back, I havent been on as much lately but it wont happen again!

    I also agree that the twitter advertisement is wrong as well and pass it along for the moderators to remove if seen and to have anyone who wants that info out there to put it on there profile page

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07/21/2012 10:48 PM

One of the most impressive members of this forum, according to record and units, ltrig was curious as to why he got so few views when he is clearly one of the top picksters. I suggest that people don't flock to his posts because they buy into the hyperbole of certain con men in this forum. They eat the Twitter nonsense up.

There is a reason only 1% of the people who come to Las Vegas make it as a professional gambler and this forum is a great example why.

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07/21/2012 11:32 PM

A lot of people keep tabs of people's picks via the monitor itself rather than people's threads that it creates. That on one hand is very sad because people like the one mentioned sometimes fall thru the cracks as far as views to their treads. You also have to understand that some people on here people have followed for years so all their threads are followed/opened.

I read where ltrig posted he was done and I HATE IT! He was/is a super capper! I hate he felt slighted! I couldn't find the thread to post I hoped he'd reconsider because it must of gotten out of hand and therefore deleted!

As for you I hope you don't get banned as I consider you a good capper and poster as well.

Now as for some... There are a select few pro cappers who post under the handicapper section that their tweet or sites are allowed as long as they aren't in direct completion with BTB. Other people are warned (usually a time or two before they are banned) that links, emails etc are not allowed. If you see this people let us know, (send any of the mods a PM) we will hop on it as soon as possible!

I hope I have answered all this correctly if not, I am sure Ryan, JTG or Finance will let me know!

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  • 07/21/2012 11:40 PM

    Also you can put your website/tweet etc on your wall or profile page what ever you want to call it. Just not in signatures and threads (at least that is my understanding)

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07/22/2012 09:57 AM

Ryan does a tremendous job of running the forum. We have our own section of BTB expert forum handicappers here. This is a family oriented sports forum where members who love to handicap sports and share their views or ideas can benefit valued and dedicated members who work hard doing what they do best. Purchasing picks is at the handicapper's discretion. That's why we have the BTB expert cappers forum. You can earn points by posting and follow the expert handicappers that can go towards purchasing expert picks. Or simply follow their picks in their own subforum that they more often than not post in the regular baseball or football forums.

LTrig is a solid capper, but there is a wrong and a right way to go about it. There is no need to overboast posting winners and the forum recognizes hard work because it is supporteed by the sports picks monitor with the record speaking for itself. If a capper is here a short time and makes a quick impact, it does not go unnoticed. Someone told me a cliche in life that has always stuck with me through my elder years. To earn respect, you have to show a little. We are all here to offer kudos to everyone who is doing a great job in their handicapping, and even offer support to those who are going through ruts which does happen from time to time. This is a bash-free environment here and those who have twitter accounts are advised to keep their opinions of those who tweet at the very least constructive and respectful without offending the interest of followers.

If you believe there are con men here running the forum that's your personal opinion, but BTB DOES not and WILL not tolerate metaphoric nor critical statements using this place as an example related to making it in Vegas as a professional handicapper. Our sports forum is here with additional features, services and contests run to give the capper more of an edge as well as an advanced and innovative approach versus other shops. I suggest to take advantage of these perks that are available to us instead of focusing constantly on comparing how the professionals do on a regular basis. They wouldn't be in this business in the first place if they in general couldn't stay afloat and neither would we.

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