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On 07/19/2012 11:07 PM in MLB

3 Strong Plays for Friday

What would you say if you could get Strasburg, Verlander and Weaver pitching at home and none of the juice levels exceeded -180 ?

It sounds pretty good to me.

It won't be a cake walk as Atlanta is pitching Hanson, who is quietly having a good season. The White Sox are pitching Peavey and have been hitting the ball with authority as of late. And the clash between Texas and the Angels is going to be fierce indeed. Be that as it may, getting these 3 pitchers at home with relatively low juice numbers is a bargain in my book.

Would I be surprised to lose 2 of the 3 wagers ?

Nothing surprises me anymore. I have been doing this too long. I have seen almost everything there is to see in sports betting.

But if I were an analytical man, and I am, it seems good sense to hop on board.

Take Washington ........ Detroit ........... Angels