btb Posts:2275 Followers:163
On 07/19/2012 10:24 AM in NFL

Pre - Preseason Superbowl Predictions!

With camps opening up in less than a week what is everyones pre-preseason superbowl prediction....

Here is mine

Texans over Pats - Right now I cant see the Pats missing a beat on offense and there defense is only going to be better. Texans with a healthy QB and 2nd year with Philips as DC they are going to be really tough.

Hard not to like everything the Giants are bringing back and adding but I wont be that fan and go a different route..
I also wont

Lions ov Packers - Pack will still score at will but defense still spotty, Lions are on the up, with a better running game and improved defense and well maybe I can mush them for Spooky they are my choice..

Texans win it all...Sorry Spooky OH so close!

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bobalou Posts:5399 Followers:148
07/19/2012 10:50 AM

I am so happy to see we are discussing this .... That means foots is right around the corner. NOTHING wrong with bases but it's just not Football :)

GL with the thoughts there BTB... I am just not 100% sure the Texan's are quite ready but if any Texas teams is going to do it... I hope it's them not Dallas (sorry Dallas fans but I just don't join your ranks)

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spooky Posts:4694 Followers:319
07/19/2012 05:57 PM

I had a dream. I almost feel like I was there.

Thats what it must have felt like.
Lions in the Super Bowl. We are jumping right past the point of winning a playoff game. Now we have the sensei of
forum and business world predicting the Lions to make the Super Bowl. If they are there we all go since its in New Orleans and Bobalou and I have another date.


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aakj Posts:3336 Followers:15
07/20/2012 11:32 AM

bold prediction texas vs det in super bowl
hopefully schaub will stay healthy

finance Posts:9345 Followers:230
07/20/2012 01:15 PM

AFC - Patriots/Steelers
NFC - Packers/Eagles

Packers over the Pats in the Superbowl

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marksmoneymakers Posts:29605 Followers:142
07/28/2012 08:32 PM

I put a bet while in Vegas last week on the Eagles to win the superbowl. They were supposed to be the dream team last year and sucked. I think with no, or at least not as much pressure, their talent will show up this year. Nobody is talking about them at all this year like last year.

In the AFC I just have a gut feeling the Steelers will make it back there again. I cannot stand them, but they are always right there in contention, so my pick is an all Pennsylvania superbowl. Eagles over Steelers.

minet123 Posts:245 Followers:0
07/28/2012 09:51 PM

How about Chargers versus Cowgirls
Both teams get hot at the right time
they have the talent