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Saratoga Opening day picks... 7/20

Well the horses are set for opening day. Since I have Thursday and Friday off from work I am puttnig my picks in today.
I see a few things that stand out and some very tough races.... I will be doing exaxta boxes with a few win picks....
I will start with an $1000 imaginary bank just like the guys in the papers and see how we end up when all said and done....

Race 1 is a tough race...we Laparoux on turf Costellano on a Pletcher horse on the turf. Pletcher is better on dirt, but Costellano is picking this mount up because Johnny V is hurt. Interesting already and we have Joel Rosario on his first ride of the meet. I will take Laparoux with ALL in race 2 for the Daily Double........

$2 DD 9 over ALL ($24) I know this horse VOODOO STORM. Lets hope he rides like he can.

Race 2

Interesting with Kent Desormeaux riding, but he is riding later in the day with a better trainer. Pass using him and go with
$2 exacta box... 8-12-2 ($12)

Race 3 PASS

Race 4 LOCK OF THE DAY 6 horse to win BOOK REVIEW $20 win

Race 5 PASS

Race 6 $2 exacta box 7-8-12 ($12)

Race 7 $2 box 10-3-7 ($12)

Race 8 Passing but I like Jackson Bend to win if you want to wager. Could go for long shot and put Exacta All over 7

Race 9 Passing

Race 10 I like the EX BOX of 1-5-10. 5 horse has a good chance...but if we are up....take a chance on Ex BOX 1-2-5
10 horse has good connections, but I am looking for the HUGE exacta with 1-2. ($12)

Wagering $92 on the day.


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07/21/2012 12:00 AM

Well if opening day is anything to represent the meet, forget about it. I got my teeth kicked in and kicked in ROYALY!! To say I could not pick a winner is an understatement. I will say the 6 horse in the first should have won the race...the jockey had to check the horse with about 50 yards to go and he was in full stride. Top four horses finished with in 1.5 lengths of each other. 6 horse was striding until Costellano had to check him. Thats gambling.


Race 4 had the winner but it was odds on favorite.




I could not even route for my horse in the stretch I was so far off. 2 out of 3 of my ponies would in the last three. UNREAL.

I could kick myself for not taking the 10 in race 6, In my write up I said take a chance on Ortiz Jr. on long shots especially on the turf........$75.00 winner and I had the 8 horse in the mix. Just not paying attention and drinking beers.

Rosario has two winners, a second and 2 thirds......he could be a monster this summer. Costellano has 2 winners, and Rosie Napravnik has 2 winners.

Lost $55 on the day.