btb Posts:2275 Followers:163
On 07/13/2012 03:18 PM in General

Isnt it always the case?

So today I decide to hang some shelves we bought about 8 months ago when we moved. And wouldnt you know it of the 3 shelves we bought 1 is totally different. Now I have to go find either a replacement or all new shelves. FML should have just left it on the honey do list

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sharpsquare Posts:3189 Followers:5
07/13/2012 03:27 PM

Aint that the truth , when all goes easy and things are all there and all fit i start to look around to see what could possibly run me over or fall on me :/

bobalou Posts:5399 Followers:148
07/13/2012 03:40 PM

And I can just hear your wife saying... "If you would of hung them when we bought them, you could of taken the wrong one back and got a replacement that matched." So now your in a double pickle ....

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finance Posts:9343 Followers:230
07/13/2012 03:51 PM

LMAO....absolutely no winning there....

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spooky Posts:4694 Followers:319
07/13/2012 06:30 PM

Serves you right for getting off your fat ass and trying to be productive.
By the way did we find out the pistachio villain?

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marksmoneymakers Posts:29603 Followers:142
07/13/2012 07:30 PM

Did the same thing. Bought those bracket free shelves at IKEA. Bought a bunch of them at once, and although they all looked the same, some parts were different and some were hung differently, while some were even missing screws. I live about 100 miles from my nearest IKEA, so I made what I had work. Nothing ever as easy as it is supposed to be.

thehitman Posts:3072 Followers:5
07/14/2012 12:47 PM

Yeh, Mark just beat me to it...................nothing is ever as easy

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coverit Posts:996 Followers:3
07/15/2012 12:24 AM

LOL, I thought that shit only happened to me? Makes me feel a tiny bit better actually! :)

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