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On 07/12/2012 07:23 PM in MLB

friday bases


*= one unit

*Single (0-0)(even)
**Double (0-0)(even)
***Triple (0-0)(even)
****Homerun (0-0)(even)
Parlays (0-0)(even)
Runlines (0-0)(even)
Totals (0-0)(even)

Overall Record (0-0)(even)

1-1 dropping 0.27 units on Sunday, the final day before Allstar break. I am happy to be over ten units because it just did not feel like I had a very good first half. Hopefully the second half will be better. Keeping a separate record for the second half of the season. Here we go….

Phillies -148 vs. Colorado (single)……..Huge pitching advantage for Phillies in this one. Cliff Lee pitched pretty well most of the first half despite the poor record. I think odds are he will have a great winning record in the second half. Phils have Utley and Howard back as well, with Halladay close behind. It is now or never for the fighin phils.

Washington +116 vs. Miami (single)……….Why not? Nats the best team in the division, but some think they will fall apart in the second half, I don’t. You have to keep taking the Nats until they prove otherwise, especially as a dog.

Pittsburgh +143 vs. Milwaukee (single)………Once again, a why not pick. A first place team with a ton still to prove getting a nice dog tag. Sure they could lose, but I will take my chances once again.

Won my last two parlays, so despite the horrible record in the first half, I will keep trying.

Parlay risking 1.00 units to win 1.25 units

Dodgers vs. San Diego
San Francisco vs. Houston

That is it for day one of the start of the second half. Good Luck Everybody!!


*Single (85-76)(+6.88)
**Double (21-15)(+8.46)
***Triple (11-8)(+5.31)
****Homerun (7-6)(+6.00)
Parlays (4-13)(-10.17)
Runlines (19-19)(-1.80)
Totals (15-18)(-4.15)

Overall Record (162-155)(+10.53)

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07/12/2012 11:28 PM

Looking Good!! Like the Card alot!! Good Luck Pal!!


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07/13/2012 07:38 AM

GL Mark

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07/13/2012 10:24 AM